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What Happened to Rodney O’Neal Hocker from ‘Swamp Murders?’

Rodney O'Neal Hocker mug shot

In August 2016, the murder of Kimra Lynn Riley was chronicled for an episode of Identity Discovery’s Swamp Murders. Now, years later, we are offering an update on the whereabouts of the man accused of killing her.

While Rodney O’Neal Hocker was found guilty of murder after Riley’s body was found floating in the Tennessee River, a petition on started by her family a short time later revealed that he would be going up for parole — and they were determined to keep him behind bars.

The Riley Family Wants Rodney O’Neal Hocker To ‘Rot’

Kimra Lynn Riley murder investigation re-enacted.

"At this point in time, [Rodney O’Neal Hocker] is going up for parole (once again) and we [the Riley family] would like to make sure that it does not happen!" Courtney Riley, who was representing the murdered mom’s loved ones, wrote.

"This man, needs to stay behind bars and rot. The family needs justice!" she continued in her plea. "Please, please! Take the time and sign the petition, so we can get people involved to keep this man behind bars."

Kimra Lynn Riley Had a Boyfriend at the Time of Her Murder

Kimra Lynn Riley murder investigation re-enacted on ID.

In January 2016, Riley, who was 36-years-old at the time, went missing after being seen leaving a nightclub with an unidentified man.

Following her disappearance, Riley’s boyfriend told police that on the morning of her disappearance, the two of them were together. And, before she embarked on her night out, she was not seen with any overnight bags, which led him to believe that she would be returning home at some point that same day.

The boyfriend also said she had less than $ 30 with her at the time.

Rodney O’Neal Hocker is Serving His Time at the Limestone Correctional Center

Kimra Lynn Riley murder re-enacted.

After receiving a 99-year prison sentence, O’Neal Hocker was denied parole. According to US Bondsmen, he’s been serving his time at the Limestone Correctional Center ever since and doesn’t appear to have any upcoming chances at getting out of prison, or of having his sentence reduced in any way.

As the outlet revealed, O’Neal Hocker is listed as being 6 foot, 4 inches tall and weighing 268 pounds. His birth year is 1970 and he has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Kimra Lynn Riley’s Murder Was Featured On ‘A Dark Place to Die’

Smap Murders oe

Riley’s murder was featured on the August 16, 2016 episode of Swamp Murders on Investigation Discovery and titled, "A Dark Place to Die." However, it wasn’t until the following year when O’Neal Hocker was arrested for her death.

According to reports, it took investigators some time to collect the needed evidence against him, which was said to have included a DNA test and a positive identification of Riley’s blood in his truck, before they were able to officially file charges against him.

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What Happened to Rodney O’Neal Hocker from ‘Swamp Murders?’